Our Unique Approach to Dentistry

We believe that how well we care for you is a reflection of how much we care. For that reason, you will be treated with the utmost attention and pampering including many five-star amenities.

Our office in Round Hill is elegantly appointed and includes a tranquil reception area with a fireplace, wood floors, and cozy chairs–although you won’t be kept waiting. Our surroundings are serene, we have a refreshment bar, and many of our patients receive lip moisturizers during their treatment. Our treatment rooms are clean, private and spacious with many special touches. You’ll appreciate our pillows, blankets and heated massage chairs. Plus, you’ll be treated to warm, steamed facecloths to freshen up with after your visit with us. You can also choose to listen to our iPOD with our Bose noise canceling headphones while your receive our services.

Dr. Grady and his first-class staff are known for being helpful and considerate and are great with even the most anxious patients. You’ll always be greeted warmly, you’ll never be left alone, and you won’t have to wait for us to ask what else we can do to earn your satisfaction.