Cavities As An Adult


Now that the days of braces and your parents forcing you to brush before bed are over, you may think that your adult mouth is no longer at risk for cavities. After all, you floss and brush regularly so how could you possibly have a cavity? Unfortunately we are here to tell you that even if you believe your oral hygiene regimen is full proof, you could still be at risk of having a cavity and we are going to tell you why.
Everyone’s mouths are hotbeds for bacteria. Granted some of this bacteria is good, but others can cause your teeth real damage. Some kinds of bacteria take the sugar that is in your food, process them and render acid in return. Eventually this acid destroys the enamel on your teeth.

Often, many people find that they are just more prone to forming cavities regardless of the precautionary measures they take when it comes to their teeth. Getting in the habit of eating foods like fresh fruits and vegetables increase the amount of saliva your mouth produces which will lessen the likelihood of your getting a cavity. Avoiding drinks like soda, juice and energy drinks will also help prevent you from forming cavities as well.

Then there are the basics. Brush and floss regularly. Also, making sure you come to see your Purcellville dentist at least twice a year for a professional cleaning will also greatly aid in the health of your teeth.

If you fear you might have a cavity, call Round Hill Smile Design today and schedule and appointment. Dr. Sean Grady and his staff will take care of you and your smile!

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