Oral Sedation

At Round Hill Smile Design, we offer painless oral sedation for a pleasant, relaxing experience during your procedure.


Dr. Grady and his first-class staff are known for being helpful and considerate even with the most anxious patients. We believe that how well we care for you is a reflection of how much we care. For this reason, we offer oral sedation to help your mind and body relax while we reveal your perfect smile.

Oral Sedation is safe, effective, and allows our patients to enter a state of total relaxation while we are enhancing their smile. Our patients just take a couple of pills before they enter our office resulting in an anxiety-free appointment – it’s really that simple! It is required that you have someone transport you to and from our office the day of your sedation.

Dr. Grady is trained in Oral Sedation and has fulfilled all state and local guidelines.